Monday, September 19, 2022

Hallan Unleash Music Video For "Money Talks"

Portsmouth indie rock/alt/post punk band Hallan have unveiled the video for their latest single "Money Talks".

The song was produced by Andy Savours (acclaimed for his work with Arctic Monkeys, PJ Harvey, My Bloody Valentine, Black Country, New Road and Sorry) and came out on September 8th through Nice Swan Records. Get it here.

Detailing their latest track, the band explained: “Me and my father often stay up late and watch the channels far along the TV guide, the ones no one gets to. Take a look and you’ll find a mesmerising facade streaming right to your television screen. Business men frantically explode with emotion, demonstrating their ability to bring sight to the blind, shame to your heart and your hard earned money to their wallet. Firearms for Christ and a new family car. You could have it all and more, all it takes is the delivery of your bank details into the preacher man’s inbox. After all it’s what the Holy Spirit told her. “Sow your seed and watch what God does””.

Watch the clip below.


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