Friday, June 17, 2022

Watch: Love in Prague Reveal Music Video For "Before The End"

French cold wave/post punk band Love in Prague have revealed the video for their latest single "Before The End".

The song is taken from their fourth studio album ‘The Same Place‘, released last month (May 6th)  on Off World Music. Buy it here.

Let's not be fooled by the title of the newest album - The Same Place. Certainly, it should not be taken as a suggestion that the musicians have stopped at a certain point and are not boldly looking to the future while composing new material. It is rather a clear signal that Chloe and Benoit remain faithful to their own, original and recognizable style, which has distinguished the work of Love in Prague from the very beginning, against the background of many groups using post-punk, shoegaze, or cold and new wave styles. .

The band's faithful fans will once again be able to plunge into what so captivates in the music of Love in Prague, into a soft, ethereal and melancholic space. It will be an unforgettable experience for all those who will use the duo's work for the first time. Discovering in a unique way, with the help of a small instrumentarium, two musicians release a cornucopia of sounds. It proves that real art is born somewhere deep in a person, in the mind, as a result of ability and sensitivity. French musicians prove it with every track from The Same Place. The cool, mesmerizing line of Chloe's bass guitar, minimalist, delicate ornaments flowing from the synthesizer, balancing between joy and sadness, the guitar perfectly harmonize with Benoit's ascetic, but how melancholic singing. All these sounds and words are a perfect relationship, perfect, like true, sincere and exceptional love… love - Love in Prague.

Watch the below.