Thursday, May 05, 2022

New Entry: Saloon Dion Release New Single "Pressure"

Bristol avant garde/post punk/alt band Saloon Dion have released their new single "Pressure".

The song, b/w "Hey Hey", is out today (May 5) via Nice Swan Recordings. Grab it here.

Born after successful stints in some of the city’s most beloved post punk and surf rock outfits (including Football FC, Kimbo Nice, Ratbags), the raucous quintet have firmly established themselves as a thrilling new fixture within the punk landscape, bagging slots alongside the likes of Anorak Patch, KEG and Sprints in recent times.

“‘Pressure’ is a direct response to Britain’s current economic climate”, the Bristol natives explained. “Lyrics which were at first deeply personal began to take on a wider meaning as the British public became subject to numerous political scandals, and an ever-worsening financial crisis. The idea of being forced to leave somewhere you love and depend on the help of others in the face of immeasurable odds also developed its own terrible resonance at the time of recording”.

Stream it below.