Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Floral Image Air Visuals For New Collection "Tapes of Topology"

Norwich, UK psych-indie-electronica-rock five-piece Floral Image have aired a visualizer for their newest collection "Tapes of Topology".

Tapes of Topology is out now and is a collection of recordings featuring experimental originals and remixes which were created when the band could not be together. Get it here.

Similar to a game of Consequences, the idea of Tapes of Topology was for a band member to individually create a piece of music and then to pass it onto the next, which would be inspired by what came before, and to keep doing so until we saw a natural end.

What resulted is a continuous flow of soundscapes whereby each band member submitted two recordings, with the final song being created in a room together after a long period of separation.

Tapes of Topology Tracklist:
01.I/O Focus
05.De 2 Choses Lune L'autre C'est Le Soleil
06.Eye Can See
08.Subpiña Colada
09.Aldous & The Visions
10.Jazz Is Shit
11.Don't Be Afraid To Go It Alone

Watch/listen below.

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