Friday, February 07, 2020

Watch: Bobby Conn Reveals New Single /Video "Disaster"

Chicago-based glam rock/no wave artist Bobby Conn (aka Jeffrey Stafford) has revealed the video for his new single "Disaster".

This is is the first single from his upcoming album 'Recovery', set to be released on March 20th through Tapete Records. Pre-order your copy here.

He came out of the Chicago “No-Wave” noise and performance scene in the mid-90’s but quickly developed a reputation for extravagantly excessive performances, satirically political lyrics, and experimental, soul- based art rock.

"When the revolution comes, will you be throwing torches at mansions with the mob, or will the mob accidentally burn down your apartment building while you are out rioting? I wrote this from the perspective of the doomed elite, trying vainly to preserve the status quo. We couldn't afford all the extras and CGI to make a full on Armageddon video, so the metaphor of a very bad date with me playing both the hustler and his customer will have to do. The revolution is coming, whether it will turn out for the best or not I cannot say for sure, but we are probably all fucked. So rent a hotel room and get some Viagra off the dark web while you still can and try to have one last night of glory. Good luck! BC

Watch the video below.


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