Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nation Of Language Announce Debut LP 'Introduction, Presence', Stream "Rush & Fever"

Brooklyn post punk/new wave/synth-pop outfit Nation Of Language have announced the release of their highly-anticipated debut album 'Introduction, Presence'.

The 10-track album will be out on April 3. Pre-order your copy here.

Inspired by the early new wave and punk movements, Nation of Language's energetic anthems achieve a blend of upbeat energy with a healthy dose of sardonic melancholy. Their live performances have earned them a reputation for delivering frenzied nights of unexpected bliss.

"Nation of Language was sparked by a period of personal awakening around early new wave," says vocalist Ian Devaney, discussing the origins of the group. "Specifically, as I was listening to a version of OMD's 'Electricity,' It occurred to me that a moment in time existed when it seemed everyone still had a kind of 'beginner's mind' about how synthesizers could be used and fit into the musical landscape. They were wielding this technology as a blunt instrument, and it felt like I had been given permission to do the same."

The two-year process of creating Introduction, Presence involved both musical exploration and self-discovery. Nation of Language went into their rehearsal space without an agenda and simply experimented with new instruments to see what sounds came out. "There's something fascinating to me about how emotions can present themselves when one is unsure of what exactly they're doing," Ian continues. "It's important to me that people feel that core of innocence and pure discovery out of which these songs were born."

These powerful emotions transcend time and genre, and they have endeared Nation of Language to concertgoers who have had the opportunity to witness their live act, as well as listeners who have come across their early singles as if discovering a hidden secret.

"I hoped in making this album to create the space to openly ache for something," Ian concludes. "My favorite songs have always allowed me to indulge in a kind of longing, and this album was designed very simply to afford the same room to the listener. If I can build the structure to effectively pass that along to other people, I'll feel like I've done something worthwhile."

Check out the albums tracklist and take a listen to their new single "Rush & Fever" below.

Introduction, Presence Tracklist:
01. Tournament
02. Rush & Fever
03. September Again
04. On Division St.
05. Indignities
06. Automobile
07. Friend Machine
08. Sacred Tongue
09. The Motorist
10. The Wall & I


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