Tuesday, February 25, 2020

ADULT. Announce New LP 'Perception is/as/of Deception', Drop "Why Always Why"

Detroit electro-punk/synth punk duo ADULT. have announced the release of their eight studio album 'Perception is/as/of Deception'.

The follow-up to 2018's This Behavior, could be classified as their most inward-looking collection to date, or their most outright punk-orientated effort. It will be out on April 20, pre-order your copy here.

This chilling continuation takes the form of Perception is/as/of Deception, an anxiety fueled cyclone of pandemonium that only ADULT. would know how to harness. While This Behavior was recorded in the isolated snow-covered woods of northern Michigan, Perception is/as/of Deception was given life in a temporary space the duo created by painting their windowless basement entirely black, with the sole intention to deprive their senses, question their perceptions, and witness the resulting ramifications.

With over 23 years and a sprawling discography left in their wake, Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus have spent their entire career as ADULT. obscuring any defined genre or style. With a history as uncanny as ADULT., the pieces that make up Perception is/as/of Deception might be perceived as their most punk-infused and introspective work to date. The elements of frustration and apprehension that have consistently woven throughout their material are at full mast, although augmented by a strident and more “head-on” approach.

New single "Why Always Why" offers a disorienting mutation of the heralded sounds of classic dance music, like a remix that escaped prison and is on the run.

With the rampant sense of emptiness on the minds of many these days, there continues to be few attempts at scoring these common, unfortunate human qualities with pure sincerity. Thankfully, ADULT. has a long-standing reputation for creating the soundtrack for our insecurities, and Perception is/as/of Deception further solidifies their apprehensive position. 

Check out the album's tracklist and watch the video for "Why Always Why", below.

Perception is/as/of Deception Tracklist:
01.We Look Between Each Other
02.Second Nature
03.Don't Reduce Me
04.Why Always Why
05.Total Total Damage
06.Have I Started at the End
07.Controlled By
08.Reconstruct the Construct
09.Untroubled Mind

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