Friday, May 03, 2019

Graveyard Club Announce New Album 'Goodnight Paradise', Stream "It Hurts"

Minneapolis indie/synth/dream pop band Graveyard Club have announced the release of their third full-length album 'Goodnight Paradise'.

The album was recorded with the band's friend and collaborator, producer/engineer Andy Thompson, ad will be out on June 28th. Pre-order it here.

"This record, more than any other I've been a part of in my lifetime, feels like it cost something to make," vocalist Matthew Schufman explains. "Paid for with a whole lot of sorrows, with hours of rumination, with hope, and the persistent ache of a person suddenly surmising that it's all lost, whatever 'it' is."

 Goodnight Paradise is an album influenced by transition, both in life and in the seasons. At 32 in the fall of 2017, he found himself living alone for the first time in his life. The development was initially freeing, providing him time to rediscover himself and some of his interests. Some of the more energetic and hopeful songs on the record were written during this period. But as winter descended, that freeing feeling dissolved into one of sadness and isolation. "That winter became the lens under which I examined all the ways that my life wasn't working," relates Matthew, leading to some of the darker songs written for the album.

Whether you grew up with New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, or Echo & the Bunnymen or dig artists like Real Estate, DIIV, Wild Nothing, The Drums, or Arcade Fire this band and album are for you. Graveyard Club draws from, and connects, these great artists while having a unique and expressive voice all their own. Goodnight Paradise is a beautiful record. It's honest, melodic, catchy, layered and simple yet complex - it's a perfect pop album. The thirteen new songs are Twin Peaks in Cathedral Hill and Boris Karloff at the Under-The-Sea prom of your dreams.

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to their new single "It Hurts", below.

Goodnight Paradise Tracklist:
01. Witchcraft
02. Red Roses
03. William
04. Cassandra
05. Finally Found
06. It Hurts
07. Maureen
08. July
09. Birdie
10. Deathproof
11. Dreamland
12. Goodnight Paradise
13. Miles and Miles


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