Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Entry: Fine China Release New Single "Anybody Else"

Phoenix guitar-pop band Fine China has released their excellent new single "Anybody Else".

The song is taken upcoming full length 'Not Thrilled' available February 23 via Velvet Blue Music.

UPDATE 05/02/2018: "Anybody Else" is our new Single Of The Week!

Speaking about the track, vocalist Rob Withem said: "I started this song fairly early in the process of writing the album and I feel like it is a good representation of my vision for the record. I wanted a sound that harkened back to singles from the mid to late 80’s that I heard on the radio as a kid - stuff like Don Henley, and Dire Straits. But also root it in an elegant guitar pop sound, like XTC or Crowded House. 'Anybody Else' started out as just two chords over and over laid over a tight, repetitive drum beat. I wrote and arranged the song over a couple months, slowly adding parts and layers, and writing the lyrics the night before recording vocals. All the guitars were recorded on my old Roland JC-120 amp, with true stereo chorus, and I think I used 6 different guitars on the track. The track is also the first (and probably last) time we used hand-drum percussion on a track."

Stream it below.

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