Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announce New LP 'Wrong Creatures', Share "Little Thing Gone Wild"

Los Angeles rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have announced the release of their new forthcoming album 'Wrong Creatures'.

The follow-up to 2013’s Specter At The Feast, was produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Arcade Fire), and will be out on January 12th, 2018,

Recorded in Los Angeles over the past few years, the band's taken many unlikely twists and turns, yet always remaining focused on the music and returning again to edge of the stage. “It’s a crazy making machine, it can chew you up as fast as it spits you out. A few years back we literally toured till the wheels came off and Leah’s brain literally started leaking out of her head” say’s Been. “It catches up with you, i know i’ve battled on and off with my own depression, and Pete’s head never came with any proper instructions. So you just gotta keep pushing buttons to see what happens.”

Ultimately, the band may well be survivors of an era where rock’n’roll can often be overshadowed by dance pop, and garish commercialism. Robert Levon Been; “We are truly an island – come hell or high water, so it’s usually best to dress accordingly. Though i’m not sure what the proper attire is when drowning in fire. But leather usually goes with everything.”

Pre-order the album here, check out the tracklist and listen to their new single “Little Thing Gone Wild” below. 

01. DFF
02. Spook
03. King of Bones
04. Haunt
05. Echo
06. Ninth Configuration
07. Question of Faith
08. Calling Them All Away
09. Little Thing Gone Wild
10. Circus Bazooko
11. Carried From The Start
12. All Rise