Friday, May 26, 2017

Then Comes Silence Share Music Video For "The Dead Cry For No One"

Swedish post punk/dark wave band Then Comes Silence have shared the video for their new single "The Dead Cry For No One".

The band are currently working on their debut album, which is scheduled for release later in the year via Nuclear Blast.

About the track, singer/songwriter Alex Svenson said: "My fascination for darkness is a still point of my turning world and influences every tune and word I write. The song 'The Dead Cry For No One' is my way of describing our insignificance and transience versus the self-righteous egos we all carry with us.

We're gravely missing the whole entirety of our existence. It shouldn't be about you and your ego. We are all a part of something big together. When you die someone or something else is given life. Don't repress death. Well, it's easier said than done. I have an ego too shaped by the world I grew up in and live in. Being mindful of it is the first step.

I lost someone very dear to me when I was writing the album. The song helps me through the sorrowful times, but it's not a sentimental tune, instead it's got a pulse. A fist in the air for the dead."

Get the single here and check out the clip below.


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