Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nick McCarthy (Ex-Franz Ferdinand) Starts New Project Manuela, Airs New Single "Cracks in the Concrete"

Days after announcing his departure from Franz Ferdinand, guitarist Nick McCarthy has announced a new project called Manuela with his wife, singer/songwriter Manuela Gernedel. 

The duo have revealed their first single "Cracks in the Concrete", which is out now via Lost Map as a PostMap postcard accompanied of a disco remix b-side by London DJ Nadia Ksaiba. 

About the track, Gernedel said: The line "cracks in the concrete" was partly inspired by the French phrase “sous les páves, la plage!” which came up during the student revolts there in May ’68. Roughly translated it says "there is sand underneath the pavement!". It’s talking about the potential of things breaking and breaking up things. Everything falling apart and you telling yourself that it’s going to work out ("everything is healing").

Stream it below.

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