Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Watch: Sticky Fingers Air Music Video For New Single "Outcast At Last"

Sydney psych rock/reggae band Sticky Fingers have aired the video for their brand new single "Outcast At Last".

The band started this year working on their third studio album, which was recorded in Thailand with regular producer Dann Hume. "We recorded this album in Thailand," bassist Paddy Cornwall told triple j.

"We were all just pretty wrecked by the end of December and hanging there going 'is everybody ok?'. So we found this amazing studio in Thailand as an excuse to have a holiday while keeping [things] going, staying at this amazing studio called Karma Studios."

"This album's going to be slightly an antidote to that where it's a lot more back-to-basics: the band, in a room, playing together. And I reckon this single is a pretty good representation of that." He added.

Watch the video below.

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