Monday, February 08, 2016

Dinner Announces Debut LP 'Psychic Lovers', Streams "Turn Me On"

Danish pop artist Dinner (aka Anders Rhedin), has announced he will release his debut album titled  'Psychic Lovers', on April 1st via Captured Tracks

One could argue that there’s something inherently idiosyncratic about Dinner’s music—like the world’s most unlikely pop artist. Sometimes Dinner sounds like a long-lost mixtape from the local Dusseldorf  pop scene in the early 1980s. Other times he sounds something like the soundtrack to David Lynch directing Miami Vice, or Genesis P-Orridge embracing Italian pop-infused Danish darkwave, or like a male descendant of Nico singing Eno-esque pop songs on discarded Julian Cope tracks.

Musically, the album exists in its own space between the 80's, 90's and the present. The songs are pop songs held together by somewhat idiosyncratic arrangements.

Rhedin has also shared the album's excellent lead single "Turn Me On".

Pre order the album here, check out the tracklsit and listen to the new single below.

01. Cool As Ice
02. The World
03. Turn Me On
04. Gone
05. What You Got
06. Wake Up
07. Holy Fuck!
08. A.F.Y.
09. Lie
10. Kali, Take Me Home
11. Say My Name

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