Monday, May 11, 2015

ORPHAN BOY - Band of the Month May 2015

This month's BOTM on Kool Rock Radio is British indie rock/post-council pop four piece ORPHAN BOY.

Comprised by Bobby Cross (Guitars/Vocals), Paul Smith (Bass), Chris Day (Drums) and Sam Carlton (Keyboards), Orphan Boy are a band who've been around for a few years now, they have four performances at Glastonbury under their belts, and they are about to release their third studio album 'Coastal Tones' this month (May 25th) on Concrete Recordings, featuring recent single "Beats Like Distant Tides" and the forthcoming second cut, "From the Provinces".

About the their influences, they have said: "Our first album 'Shop Local' was largely influenced by The Clash and Gang Of Four. Our second album 'Passion, Pain & Loyalty' by The Clash and Pulp. And our third album 'Coastal Tones' is mainly influenced by 'Shop Local' and 'Passion, Pain & Loyalty'."

Offering an unflinching view of life on the fringes, frontman Rob Cross' lyrical inspirations range from the bleak view of a Grimsby tower block to furious ruminations on the neglected realms of Scunthorpe, Doncaster and many other often overlooked Northern pastures. "I’ve always liked the idea of seeing the beauty in the mundane," says Rob, who cites Jarvis Cocker, Irvine Welsh and Charles Bukowski as lyrical touchstones. "People don’t give small towns credit, but places like Morecombe and Kirkcaldy have a real sense of community spirit. Singing about Grimsby and Cleethorpes is all part of that. It’s an undocumented part of the country which is as valid as anywhereelse." 

Coastal Tones was self-produced by band member Sam Orphan and was recorded and mixed at their hometown studios in a warehouse on Grimsby Docks. Pre-order your copy here.

Coastal Tones tracklist: 

02. Sunken Hearts 
03. Trans Pennine
04. On A Nelson Skyline
06. Money To Money
07. Clover
08. Bury Your Stars
09. Coastal Tones
10. Thirty Something Lovesick Ballad

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