Monday, March 30, 2015

New Entry: Phobophobes Drop New Single "Advertise Your Life"

London indie rockers Phobophobes have dropped their new single "Advertise Your Life".

Their debut A/A Advertise Your Life / Make A Person will be released on April 27 through RIP Records. Pre order it here.

Speaking about the track, frontman Jamie Taylor explains: "everyone who logs in and signs up to social media is throwing themselves into a limelight created by themselves and other people on it. The creators just give us a template, we do all the work for them. It’s absurd, but it’s definitely happening. The song isn’t directly about social media, but, with a title like that - it definitely sets a certain scene. An interesting way of listening to the lyrical content of the song is to imagine that it was written before social media. ‘advertise your life’ suggests your life is for sale , the song is telling the listener how much you think its worth ‘the world finds love in those trousers never worn, in the jacket lining where the pockets torn’ is quite a key lyric as it suggests the song is a ballad. a very dark, empty ballad."

Stream it below.


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