Monday, February 09, 2015

Novella Announce Debut Album 'Land', Stream New Single "Land Gone"

London-based dream pop band Novella have announced they will be releasing their debut full-length titled 'Land' in May 12 via Sinderlyn Records. 

The album was recorded during one ice-cold week in January of 2014 by Jonas Verijnen (Moon Duo, Ballet School) and Joshua Third (The Horrors) in an abandoned clothing factory-turned-studio in Dalston, East London.

According to the press, on 'Land', the quintet captures the wild spirit of creating something new from pieces of the past. They ward off the overcast London melancholy with evocative tales of weightless meandering, of drifting over the pavement of familiar streets while dreaming about exploring fantastical alien landscapes. These are the yarns of twenty-somethings in limbo, a collection of late night tales that more often end in avoided glances than locked eyes.

The band have also shared their new single "Land Gone", listen below.


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