Friday, November 01, 2013

HOSPITAL - Band of the Month November 2013

This month's BOTM on Kool Rock Radio is Russian indie rock/pop band HOSPITAL.

Egor Berdnikov (Vocal/guitar)
Aleksej Shorin (Bass)
Andrej Cvetkov (Guitar)
Vladimir Balovnev (Drums)

The band was formed in autumn 2011. The search for their own sound led to peculiar heterogeneity of the product however regardless of this after extensive work over sound the guys attained attractive and recognizable style.

The first single that included two songs "Time Will Tell" and "Falling" was released in December 2012. Thier debut album 'When The Trees Were Higher' came out on January 20, 2013 and was uploaded on the Internet for free download. The album received positive feedback both in Russian and foreign blogs. The band gave a series of concerts in Russia to support the release of their album.

Tailspin, their most recent release (August 25 via Mimonot), is a fun, refreshing throwback to ’80s new-wave pop. With elements of electronica flare and pleasant male vocals blended with pop synthesizer sounds, Hospital takes the listener back in a fresh way. Get your copy now from their Bandcamp page

Here's the band first video for "Secret Place."

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