Monday, April 15, 2013

Album of the Week April 15/13: SULK 'Graceless'

Our new Album of the Week is London based five piece SULK brilliant debut album 'Graceless', out today (15 April) via Perfect Sound Forever Records.

The band's long awaited debut album was recorded and produced in Brussels by former Suede, Pulp and White Lies associate Ed Buller and mixed by Jonas Verwijnen and Antti Joas in Berlin.

'Graceless' is heavily inspired by 90s guitar psychedelia, ‘Madchester/Baggy’ and the early Britpop sound.  It would be impossible to walk away from listening to this album and not think of The Stone Roses, Suede, The Charlatans, and we love the idea of having a current edge album with those classic Madchester sounds. Lucky for us, Sulk has managed to keep the essence of that era wonderfully.

The 10-track LP is full of psychedelic-indie guitar riffs making the perfect combination with lead singer Jon Sutcliffe's catchy voice. Since the first time we heard SULK back in 2011, we knew they were going to be big, and with Graceless they could make our Best Album of 2013.

**SULK peaked at #9 on Kool Rock Radio's Best New Bands of 2011 list. Their singles "Wishes" and "Back in Bloom" peaked at #16 and # 42 in our Best Tracks of 2011 chart. "Flowers" peaked at #2 in our Best Tracks of 2012.

Haven't bought 'Graceless' yet? What are you waiting for? We highly recommend this album, so get your copy HERE right now!  


01. Sleeping Beauty
02. Flowers
03. Diamonds In Ashes
04. The Big Blue
05. Marian Shrine
06. Back in Bloom
07. Wishes
08. Down
09. If You Wonder
10. End Time

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