Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Entry: Cut Off Your Hands Drop New Single "Higher Lows and Lower Highs"

Auckland alt-pop/nu wave band Cut Off Your Hands have dropped their catchy new single "Higher Lows and Lower Highs".

The song is available now, it was written by Nick Johnston and Cut Off Your Hands, and the title refers to Nick Johnston’s recent diagnosis of a form of bipolar disorder. The lyrics speak in stream of consciousness manner of the negotiations of life compartmentalised into daily routine that such a disorder can be managed with.

It features a solid live sampled repetitive rhythm section, the structural composition takes cues from Remain in Light era Talking Heads as well as early New York house production. This leaves room for the vocals and lyrics to do the work in differentiating chorus/verse/bridge etc. The rhythm provided in the sampled/looped repetition is augmented by layers of percussion thanks to Jeremy Toy’s production.

Grab it here stream it below.


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