Monday, July 18, 2022

Vincent Christ Unleashes Music Video For "Driftwood"

London indie rock/new wave/glam/post-punk artist Vincent Christ has unleashed the video for his newest single "Driftwood".

The song is out now and follows-on from his recent debut  album 'Truant', released earlier this month (July 4). Get your copy here.

Combining an individualistic visual style with urgent and immediate songs, mysterious indie songwriter Vincent Christ is gaining notoriety for textured analogue music videos and irreverent songs that channel 70s and 80s new wave, glam and post-punk.

Vincent words: "Driftwood was inspired by a misremembered quote, 'old soldiers don't die, they just turn into driftwood'. I thought it was from a John Trudell song, but maybe not."

Watch the clip below.