Friday, May 06, 2022

New Entry: Boys’ Shorts "Emerge (Boys' Shorts Hyper '20 Remix)"

Greek electronic DJ/producer duo Boys’ Shorts have shared the Boys' Shorts Hyper '20 Remix of Fischerspooner classic "Emerge".

The duo's latest EP 'New Era', came out in February through Local Suicide’s imprint Iptamenos Discos. Grab it here if you haven't already.

"Emerge" is the first single from Fischerspooner debut album #1. The song was originally released in 2001 through International DeeJay Gigolo Records and later jointly re-released in 2002 by Fischerspooner's imprint label FS Studios and Ministry of Sound. In 2003, the song was released again by Fischerspooner's new label Capitol.

Stream the remix below.