Friday, October 08, 2021

New Entry: Alternative Milks Unleash New Single "Shops"

Bristol alt-rock quartet Alternative Milks have unleashed their new single "Shops".

From what started as DIY bedroom demos from frontman Mike Jordan, the sound has now developed and grown into what it is today, still maintaining the same lo-fi quality. Jangly ratty guitar, melancholic lyrics and a beat that just won’t quit; they’re sure to satisfy your sonic receivers.
“Have you been to the shops lately? Have you seen all the people in line? This track asks many questions that all come from confusion and frustration of what has become the norm in our society. This song is born out of feeling like an outsider, questioning why we do anything in life. Touching on consumerism, as well as our education system and living in a materialistic world.”

Get the single here and take a listen below.

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