Friday, April 02, 2021

VR SEX Announce New EP 'Cyber Crimes', Stream "Minor Case"

Los Angeles synth punk/death rock/post punk outfit VR SEX (lead by Andrew Clinco) have announced the release of their new EP 'Cyber Crimes.'

From the band: "No one is exempt from the world wide web of destruction. A once -innocent digital playground has turned into a panopticon for pedophiles and predators - waiting, watching, baiting, and stalking. 2020 proved to be the tipping point in exposing these bloodsuckers within the world of music and art. Devoid of satire and sarcasm, Cyber Crimes stands alongside the victimized and attempts to serve as a sobering scene report for the current state of affairs."

The EP will be out on April 30. Pre-order your copy here and listen to their new single "Minor Case" below.

Cyber Crimes Tracklist:
01. Rock N’ Roll Death
02. Minor Case 
03. Dog Complex
04. Lawyer Up

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