Thursday, February 04, 2021

New Entry: Happymess Share Debut Single "Over the Seasons"

London psych/post punk band Happymess have shared their debut single "Over the Seasons".

Recorded by Gavin Bowers between London and Norwich amidst lockdowns, his spontaneous and creative production approach ensured this song would sound lush and fresh nonetheless. 

This song, an ‘up-tempo ballad’, flows between dark intimate verses and uplifting choruses while its whole is infused with a driving beat and a dreamlike quality akin to futuristic nostalgia. The lyrics, at times abstract and poetic, deal with a yearning for union in the face of adversity and the realisation that we’re alone together in life’s struggles. 

The band is made up of Elian (vox & guitar) and Dade (bass & vox) who knew each other from having been in Arms and Eliphant previously, Hannah (keys/vox) who joined when the band was created and Bobby (drums) who joined soon after.

The song is out today (February 4th) through Catch 21 Records. Get it here and  take a listen below.

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