Friday, June 26, 2020

New Entry: The Foreign Resort Reveal "Under Your Nose" (Pale Saints cover)

Danish post-punk band The Foreign Resort have revealed their cover version of Pale Saints'  "Under Your Nose".

THE STORY: "In the fall of 2015 we were invited by The Blog That Celebrates Itself to do a cover of a Pale Saints song for a compilation dedicated to the British indie band. We went for the song “Under Your Nose”, kinda just played around and indie turned into noisy reverby rock n roll.

It only took us one evening to rearrange, rehearse and record the song. Basically we listened to the first half of the original track, practiced a bit and then recorded it. Then we did the same with the second half and to this day we are still very happy with the result of a very spontaneous work process.."

Get your copy here and stream it below.


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