Thursday, January 09, 2020

Watch: SDH Premiere New Single/Video "No Miracles"

Barcelona synth wave/post punk duo SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) have premiered the video for their infectious new single "No Miracles".

The song is the first taken from their forthcoming EP 'Against Strong Thinking', which will be out 14 February  on Avant! Records. Buy it here.

Although six songs may be insufficient, their new tracks highlight the strengths of their debut. The beats are deeper, the atmospheres sadder. The band continues to explore the musical language as a poetic form and trying to discover new questions that allow the great categories of thinking to be undone. Against Strong Thinking talks about the importance of facing all that categorical, dogmatic and conclusive thinking. There is a need for dialogue with everything that seems unquestionable. Again, the questions guide all the songs and, again, there is no single answer. Sometimes this doubt is fertile, sometimes it is painful and involves a total and profound loss.

The video was directed and edited by Sara Busquets and Sergi Algiz. Watch below.


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