Thursday, January 09, 2020

The New Division Reveals Details For New LP 'Hidden Memories'

LA-based new wave/synthpop/electronic artist John Glenn Kunkel aka The New Division has revealed details of his fourth studio album 'Hidden Memories'.

The album, produced and recorded in Los Angeles, CA, is Kunkel's most ambitious effort to date, it features 10 tracks ranging from dark and brooding to emotive and uplifting, and will be out on January 27. Pre-save it here.

Pulsating with bruising basslines, dance-infused drums, and decked out atmospheric vocals, "Hidden Memories" serves as an homage to the music that has inspired Kunkel for the past decade.

"I wanted Hidden Memories to be a blend of what I felt were the best parts of my early years as The New Division, a return to form of sorts," Kunkel says. "I picked up where I left off, back when I was listening to a lot of dance records ranging from progressive, trance, early new wave, and synthpop. The blend of all those sounds is what I envisioned for 'Hidden Memories.'"

Longtime collaborator and co-producer F.J. DeSanto (Trade Secrets), also assisted on the record, "F.J.'s been a part of each album since "Together We Shine," and has always been a guiding force for TND," Kunkel said. "I tend to lose focus quite easily. I generally like everything I end up writing, but he understands what works from an outsider's perspective which I think is crucial from an objective standpoint."

Celebrating the act's senior record with a Collector's Edition Double Vinyl LP, this release serves up two unreleased b-sides "Iceberg" and "When You're Around" (also available for digital download with purchase of vinyl format).

01. Clear
02. Fascination
03. Lost Life
01. Modus
02. Broken
03. The Line
01. Needs Are Denied
02. Over
03. Enough Is Enough
01. Ride
02. When You're Around [Collector's Edition Exclusive]
03. Iceberg [Collector's Edition Exclusive]

Below, you can re-visit his latest single "Lost Life".

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