Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Breathers Announce Reveal Details of Debut LP 'Designed To Break'

Atlanta based experimental pop/synth pop threesome Breathers have revealed full details of their highly anticipated debut album 'Designed To Break'.

The 11-track album will be out on September 12 through Irrelevant Music, and features their previously shared songs "1​-​800​-​PAIN" and "Only Operator". Pre-order your copy here.

According to the press release, each song on the album, is a refreshingly honest dive into the modern human psyche balanced with vibrant synth lines that capture the imagination and drip like dew into our parched subconscious.

Over the past few years, Breathers have laid the groundwork for Designed to Break with a series of insightful tracks featuring T. Lee Gunselman and Jake Thomson on synths and vocals, with Mike Netland providing live drums and sequencing. The result is a danceable mix of organic and synthetic sounds that warp traditional song structures into something subversive yet enticing.

Throughout this album, lead singer and lyricist Gunselman offers thoughtful observations on isolation and anxiety, focusing on the corresponding weaknesses and strengths of the human spirit, and the importance of listening to oneself apart from the cacophony of an increasingly commercialized world. Each topic is couched in a comforting sensitivity which plays off the spacious chords and delicate melodies of Designed to Break.

Check out the tracklist below.

01. Image
02. Mariner's Song
03. Low in the Sky
04. Centralia Road
05. Bad Algorithm
06. Conector BGM
07. 1-800-PAIN
08. Only Operator 
09. Land of the Noonday Sun
10. Turbines
11. A Life 

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