Monday, May 26, 2014

China Crisis Reveal More Details About New Album 'Autumn in the Neighbourhood'

Legendary Liverpool new wave/pop band China Crisis have revealed more details of their long long awaited new album (and the first in 20 years) 'Autumn In The Neighbourhood'. 

The band are currently mixing the record with Brian McNeill and Carl Brown at JK Studios in Holland, and have announced that the digital download for the album should be ready for the next couple of weeks. The update reads: 

"Mostly the record has been made in the very great cities of Glasgow Scotland and Liverpool England. . .  and for sure we will credit all the amazing music fellas and lasses . . so the digital download should…..fingers crossed be available in the next couple of weeks…with the hard copy cd's a week or so later…

and lastly we have a special favour to ask of you …pledge mates . . . .we are very aware of just how quickly the music can be copied and circulated …..this is something we don’t want to happen…( well…not just yet. . .) ..our hopes and dreams are for this record to become a new chapter for all involved…and that includes….Y O U …so please ….no posting traks on youtube etc etc etc …..consider yourselves keeper of the keys. . . executive producers if you like. . . .you’ve made all this possible. . .now don’t go spoiling the brew . . ." 

Pre-order 'Autumn In The Neighbourhood' here, and check out the tracklist below.

01. Smile
02 . Down Here On Earth
03 . Autumn In The Neighbourhood
04 . Because My Heart
05 . Being In Love
06 . Joy And The Spark
07 . Fool
08 . Sweet Delight
09 . Everyone You Know
10 . Tell Tale Signs
11 . Wonderful New World

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