Monday, April 29, 2013

Single of the Week April 29/13 - The Lost Patrol "See You in Hell"

This week's Single of the Week on is "See You In Hell" by The Lost Patrol, taken from their brand new album Driven, out now.

'Driven' marks album number four with Mollie Israel as lead vocalist. Israel along with multi-instrumentalists Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams, have managed to craft another batch of eclectic, yet accessible, widescreen soundscapes.

"See you In Hell" is the fifth track on the album and features most of the trademark Lost Patrol elements, it's dark, dreamy, ethereal, cinematic, and it also turns into a surf-rock wave.

About the song, the band said: "We wanted to try something with a different vibe. Some of our influences aren't always so obvious, and we really wanted to do something a little more experimental. It's a little more aggressive than the typical Lost Patrol tune, but it is influenced by bands and songs we all enjoy listening to, and we think it opens doors to other avenues we'd like to continue to explore and expand upon -- to keep things fresh and interesting in our arrangements and songwriting."

"Lyrically, 'See You In Hell' is basically about being ridiculed and not giving a damn." Mollie added.

The Lost Patrol new album Driven is out now, you can purchase the digital format on Bandcamp, or get it directly from the band's online store.


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