Thursday, June 21, 2018

Still Corners Announce New LP 'Slow Air', Air "Black Lagoon" Music Video

British indie pop duo Still Corners (aka Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes) have announced the release of their new album titled 'Slow Air'.

The band's fourth studio record will be out on August 17th on their own label Wrecking Light. PRe-order your copy here.

Written in the hill country in Austin, Texas, Slow Air nods towards a classic sound with emphasis on the guitar, both acoustic and electric, combined with the alluring and ghostly voice of Tessa Murray. The songs are rounded out with live drums and minimal synthesisers with all the mistakes kept in for maximum human feel and emotion.

The band have also aired the album's lead single "Black Lagoon", with clean toned electric guitar, a driving beat, and the smoky crooning of Tessa Murray, Black Lagoon contains the shimmering atmospherics Still Corners are well known for.

The cinematic video that accompanies the track finds the band on a journey from the desert to the ocean in search of a lost Eden. Filmed over a month in California, Arizona and Texas and shot on a small handheld cinema camera, the band travels across America in a white mustang convertible searching and reaching into the unknown."

Check out the tracklist and watch the video for "Black Lagoon", below.

01. In the Middle of the Night
02. The Message
03. Sad Movies
04. Welcome to Slow Air
05. Black Lagoon 05:33
06. Dreamlands
07. Whisper
8. Fade Out
9. The Photograph
10. Long Goodbyes


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