Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Watch: Sticky Fingers Air Music Video For "Ghost Town" (The Specials Cover)

Sydney indie psych/rock band Sticky Fingers have aired the video for their brand new single "Ghost Town", a cover of The Specials' classic track.

The Specials' original classic addressed the rising unemployment and inner-city violence of a decaying 1981 London, now the Fingers, have made the cover as a protest against the current lockout laws in Sydney. 

About the track, bassist Paddy Cornwall told triple j: "A few months ago, me and the lads were listening to The Specials version of the song and then we all just started laughing because the lyrics are so poignant to how Sydney is feeling right now. 'This town is turning into a ghost town/all the clubs are closing down'. Lockout laws and the general attitude towards culture and live music in this city, and I guess all of Australia..."

Watch the clip below.

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