Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yumi Zouma To Release Cover Of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? In Full

New Zealand-based indie pop band Yumi Zouma are covering Oasis' seminal sophomore LP (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in its entirety.

The record will be available on April 6 exclusively through Turntable Kitchen's SOUNDS DELICIOUS series. Pre-order your copy here.

About the project the band explained: "At first, the idea sounds ridiculous – covering the album with the most cliched songs from the most pigheaded douchebag rock ‘n’ roll band from an era everyone is tired of – it sounds like the scenario of what-not-to-do when choosing a record to cover. Anyone with a sense of decency would prefer Blur, or at least cover something like The Masterplan."

"Then we put on the CD, listened to it while driving to LA, and immediately knew it was the one. For kids who grew up in the commonwealth of the 90’s, this was the perfect album. The legacy of the Country House vs Roll With It battle, the bad reviews, the stories about the Knebworth gigs, the sibling rivalry, the breakups, and visceral ineptitude – those were all important to us, but given all that, it’s remarkable how (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? remains a classic illustration of power-pop songwriting spread over an entire release."

The band have also shared their take of "She's Electric". Stream it below.


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