Monday, August 08, 2016

The Maccabees Announce Split After 14 Years As A band

London indie rock/psych band The Maccabees have announced they are splitting up, confirming the news in a statement released today (Monday, August 8).

The band called the decision "incredibly difficult", explaining how there had "not been fallings out" among members of the group.

The statement also detailed that the five members - Orlando Weeks, brothers Hugo and Felix White, Rupert Jarvis, and Sam Doyle - will continue to make music but there are no concrete future plans at the moment. They added there will be farewell celebrations in the near future.

Since forming in 2002, The Maccabees released four albums; 2007 debut Colour It In, Wall of Arms in 2009, 2012's Given to the Wild and most recently Marks To Prove It, which came out last year.

Read the full statement below.


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