Tuesday, December 28, 2021



Here are our Best 50 EPs Of The Year, listed in alphabetical order:
  1. Ash Code ►’Fear’ EP [electrowave/synth pop]
  2. Average Life Complaints ► 'Fish & Chips' EP (post punk)
  3. Beige Banquet ► ‘S/T’ EP (Just Step Sideways Records)
  4. Bilk ► 'Allow It' EP (Scruff of the Neck) [indie rock/punk] 
  5. Blaues Einhorn ► 'Nicht Essenziel' EP (Her Majesty's Ship) [post punk/coldwave]
  6. bloody/bath ► 'Unholy Sonnets' EP (Kailan Price) [wave/post punk/no-wave/dream pop]
  7. Body Maintenance ► ‘Body Maintenance’ EP (Unwound Records) [post punk]
  8. Capitol ► 'All the Rest of My Heads' EP (Meritorio Records) [new wave/post punk/dream pop]
  9. Church Group ► ‘Church Group’ EP [electronic/minimal synth /coldwave]
  10. Clear History ► 'bad advice good people' EP (Upset The Rhythm) [post punk/no wave]
  11. Cold Cave ► 'Fate in Seven Lessons' EP (Heartworm Press) [dark wave/cold wave]
  12. COOL HEAT ► 'Levitate' EP (Spirit Goth Records) [lo-fi]
  13. DMA'S ► 'I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going to Miss You' EP
  14. Do Nothing ► ‘Glueland’ EP (Exact Truth) [post punk]
  15. Droves ► ‘Droves’ EP [new wave/synth punk] 
  16. Favours ► ‘Left Behind’ EP
  17. FEET ► ‘Walking Machine' EP (Nice Swan Records) [indie rock]
  18. Hearts and Rockets ► 'TV is Boring' EP (Psychic Hysteria) [synth pop/post punk]
  19. Jetstream Pony ► 'Misplaced Words' EP (Shelflife Records) [indie/garage pop/alt]
  20. Johnny Marr ► 'Fever Dreams Pt. 1' EP / Pt. 2' EP (BMG)
  21. KEG ► 'Assembly' EP (Alcopop! Records) (indie punk)
  22. Killer Workout ►  'Direct to Video' EP[disco-punk/new wave/indie dance]
  23. Launderette ► 'Dressing for Pleasure' EP (synth punk/new wave)
  24. Leathers ► 'Reckless' EP (Artoffact Records) [post-punk/darkwave/shoegaze]
  25. Make Friends ► 'Is This Real' EP [indie pop]
  26. Maurice Business ► ‘Stock Market Rhythms’ EP (Third Coming) [synthwave/darkwave/no wave]
  27. Mitra Mitra ► ‘By Your Hand’ EP (Polytechnic Youth) [minimal synth/electronic/synth wave]
  28. NABTA ► 'Dance and Fight' EP (Crowhunt Records)
  29. Nice Biscuit ► 'Create Simulate' EP [garage pop/psych]
  30. NNHMN ► "Tomorrow's Heroine" EP (K-Dreams Records) [electronic/dark ambient/experimental/synth]
  31. No Romance ► ‘Unfold’ EP [dream pop/post punk/synth]
  32. Pastel ► 'Deeper Than Holy' EP (Spirit of Spike Island) [indie/brit rock]
  33. Pola Women ► ‘Disco Disco’ EP (exlove Records) [electronic/house/nu disco]
  34. Pozi ► 'Typing' EP (PRAH Recordings) [punk/post punk]
  35. Rowan ► 'Everybody Talks' EP (Beverly Martel) [indie rock]
  36. Roxy Girls ► ‘Roxy Girls Are in the Drink’ EP (Moshi Moshi Records) [post punk/art punk]
  37. Sexual Purity ► ‘Paranoia’ EP [coldwave/darkwave]
  38. Spunsugar ►’Things That I Confuse’ EP (Adrian Recordings) [shoegaze/alt]
  39. The Avenues ► 'The View Is Amazing' EP [indie pop/rock]
  40. The Early Mornings ► 'Unnecessary Creation’ EP [post punk/guitar pop/art rock] 
  41. The Empty Threats ► ‘The Empty Threats’ EP (PAK Music) [neo-psych/indie rock]
  42. The Lounge Society ► ‘Silk For the Starving’ EP (Speedy Wundergound) [post punk/psych]
  43. The Royston Club ► ‘Lying Here, Wasting Away’ EP (Blaggers Records) [indie rock/alt]
  44. The Utopiates ► ‘Anywhere But Here’ [indie rock/baggy/britpop]
  45. Thee Hearses ► ‘Thee Hearses’ EP // EP II (Hearse Rider Records) [dance punk/new wave/synth punk]
  46. Unschooling ► ‘Random Acts of Total Control’ EP (Howlin' Banana Records) [indie rock/lo-fi/post punk]
  47. Violentene ► ‘Otherworld’ EP (Digital Zen) [synthwave/minimal synth/shoegaze]
  48. VR SEX ► 'Cyber Crimes' EP (Dais Records) [synth punk/death rock/post punk]
  49. Wombo ► 'Keesh Mountain' EP (Fire Talk) [indie rock/post punk/psych]
  50. Yard Act ► ‘Dark Days’ EP (Zen F.C.) [indie rock/punk]

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