Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Modern Institute Announce New EP, Stream "Quick Silver Lips"

Glasgow electronic/synth outfit The Modern Institute have announced the release of their new EP titled 'Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute'.

The 6-track EP will be out on   on 2nd March via Diagonal Records.

Channelling the city’s post-industrial underground into an electronic vernacular of distorted synths and percussive drones, Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute offers a cryptic glimpse of a unit that revels in sonic obfuscation.

Pre-order the EP here, check out the tracklist and have a listen to their new single "Quick Silver Lips" below.

01. IV Cheeks
02. Limitless Light
03. Quicksilver Lips
04. Unbreakable Pulse
05. Molten Gold
06. Dozen Cocktails


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