Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Entry: The Horrors' Tom Furse Drops New Track "Run To Me Pt. 3"

Tom Furse, member of the eclectic post punk band The Horrors, and synth wizard has dropped his groovy new  track "Run To Me Pt. 3".

The track is taken from his forthcoming new EP 'Run To Me Suite' (one opus divided into five cohesive parts), set to be released on 9th October via Django Django member Dave Maclean's Kick + Clap label. Pre-order it here.

Referencing early techno it has one foot in Cologne and the other in Detroit, with its tightly worked, precise machino-florescence, condensed and upfront, and free of the pomposity that abounds in the genre. A sound enamored with Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins and Yello, it underpins a latent narrative on themes of love, machines and obliteration. 

"I had this notion of robots being called to arms by a mother robot, in order to collect suns to build a giant engine powered by 20,000 suns. I know it’s not really apparent in the songs, but visual ideas like that drive me forward when I’m making music, it just seems to make it easier; like putting sound to film." Furse told DIY.

Stream the track below.


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